Who makes the best DJ controller

When looking for the best dj controller on the market there are a couple things you have to keep in mind. The brand, cost, and price. These are the three things I like to base my decision on most of the time.

When it comes to brand names when choosing a DJ controller. There are a bunch of big names to choose from. We have Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments to name a few. So how do we decide on which is the top all-in-one dj controller to get from each brand. Well heres our picks for the best DJ Controllers.

Top DJ Controllers

The best Pioneer DJ controller is the DDJ-SZ. It is one of the best dj controllers on the market right now. It is made out of some high quality material, and if you are looking to scratch, it is the closest you are going to get before jumping over to the turntable side. Price is fairly high so be prepared to spend some money on this thing.

The best Numark DJ Controller goes to the NS7 II. This is a complete all in one DJ controller that does it all. You wont need any other piece of equipment, because the NS7 II comes with all the features you need. Just like the DDJ-SZ it comes with a pretty big price tag. Keep in mind these are the highest end models from each brand.

Last but not least, the best Native Instrument DJ controller is The Traktor Kontrol 8. Like its name suggests, the Kontrol 8 is used in conjunction with Traktor. Traktor is one the most popular DJ softwares on the market. With the Kontrol 8 you get amazing ability to control the dj software. It is the most fluid and most active controller to date.


So no matter which controller you decide on going with, you are going to be getting a great experience, and the top of the line, best of the best. It really depends on personal preference.



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