Who makes the best DJ controller

When looking for the best dj controller on the market there are a couple things you have to keep in mind. The brand, cost, and price. These are the three things I like to base my decision on most of the time.

When it comes to brand names when choosing a DJ controller. There are a bunch of big names to choose from. We have Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments to name a few. So how do we decide on which is the top all-in-one dj controller to get from each brand. Well heres our picks for the best DJ Controllers.

Top DJ Controllers

The best Pioneer DJ controller is the DDJ-SZ. It is one of the best dj controllers on the market right now. It is made out of some high quality material, and if you are looking to scratch, it is the closest you are going to get before jumping over to the turntable side. Price is fairly high so be prepared to spend some money on this thing.

The best Numark DJ Controller goes to the NS7 II. This is a complete all in one DJ controller that does it all. You wont need any other piece of equipment, because the NS7 II comes with all the features you need. Just like the DDJ-SZ it comes with a pretty big price tag. Keep in mind these are the highest end models from each brand.

Last but not least, the best Native Instrument DJ controller is The Traktor Kontrol 8. Like its name suggests, the Kontrol 8 is used in conjunction with Traktor. Traktor is one the most popular DJ softwares on the market. With the Kontrol 8 you get amazing ability to control the dj software. It is the most fluid and most active controller to date.


So no matter which controller you decide on going with, you are going to be getting a great experience, and the top of the line, best of the best. It really depends on personal preference.



How to become a DJ

If you have ever asked yourself: “How do I DJ?” and if you wanted to know from time to time, what a DJ does so, read this tutorial. Note that the actual craft not read through a tutorial is learned here is just practice, practice, practice.

learning to DJ

I want to be a DJ

So you’ve decided to become a DJ. This is laudable, because of which there are not even enough. A DJ is a music hero, a champion of good beats, a guarantee fantastic entertainment and, not least, perhaps the one who shows you a style of music that you did not know before. A DJ decides whether a wedding ceremony as the guests managed or total failure in memory remains and a DJ can determine success or failure of a radio station. A DJ is a filter, an artist, a jukebox and a moderator. A DJ is a producer, DJ is sometimes a star but in any case is a DJ one service providing artists.

Before you will DJ, you have to ask one thing: What a DJ I would actually be? There are different types of DJs and depending on what you choose, you need other skills (Skills). Therefore I list you on once, do what opportunities you:

The resident DJ

Resident DJs are the local stars in their master nightclub. Every weekend and sometimes during the week DJs present this musical direction of the club firmly. The resident DJ is the contact for the guest DJs, when it comes to technology and the resident DJ is the one who is the figurehead of the club.The boss of a store often do not even know the regulars but Resident DJ know all. Depending on how good you are, you have as a resident DJ quite the opportunity to test their own productions to your audience and can expect immediate feedback. In contrast to the guest DJ’s expected of you Moderator, you should therefore be able to vote safely and not mumble. You cancel possibly also guest acts. Resident DJ is most likely a solid job, you regularly your appearances and get a reasonable salary.

The Wedding DJ / Event DJ

wedding dj

Weddings consist of food, drink, embarrassing party games or music. The music on most weddings is usually the stuff, be in, day tormented by thousands of Disko Fox dancers and day out. No seriously. A wedding DJ must observe his audience in the process and can quickly assess. Especially at weddings and festivals, for example, protecting you as the event’s DJ and Wedding DJ is a cross-section of all music tastes and ages. The grandfather who Elvis still knew personally, not listen to David Guetta and the eternal hippie tolerates nothing but Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin. Last but not least there are the eternal Ü40-pop fans who want to constantly hear Helene Fischer. When eating, people want to chat and drinking want people “stupid” drinking songs. If you think that this is an easy-peasy-job, you have cut yourself. There is an evening. A single and this evening has to be perfect.

Guest DJ / Star-DJ

If you are a guest DJ, then you will usually booked because you have some made as DJ something made in front of you no. You’re either really as good on the decks, that people want to hear you and need or you’re parallel a music producer and have landed a veritable club hit. Since no one wants to see someone who simply expresses only “play” on Cubase / Reaper / Renoise you DJ had to learn.

Radio DJ

The DJ originally comes from the radio. Here, of course, the direct contact with the listeners ails. Here you have to either get lucky and may play “your” music, so are a curator of music from a particular genre or are you one of those morning-Man squallers and playing dudelmusik but your presentations are always very funny and you got yourself here built up a fan base.

Technology for beginners

I come from the time when one has mainly laid vinyl. This whole DJ software and CDs are uncanny to me. But times have changed and the profit margins of record labels are simply larger, when the music is directly distributed digitally. Therefore, new releases are just the dance area is no longer so incredibly often on physical media, but you somewhere charges down an MP3 file and pay for it. So you need a software that allows you, as a DJ to work. Now there are about DJ programs and each has its advantages and disadvantages. A list free DJ programs I have compiled you here and I would clearly recommend Mixxx. Costs nothing and there is for Windows, Linux and of course on the Mac. The software directly supports timecode vinyl and lots of Numark midi controller. Finally Mixx you can even with the smartphone control.

“Real DJs swear by vinyl or CD” – I would so never say. Vinyl is not dead but it’s just relatively difficult to obtain current releases. The technology in the form of turntables has become extremely expensive and you have to admit that nightclubs actually use the turntable only as a standing surface for laptops. DJ CD players are starting at 200 euros, the all in one Pioneer controllers things cost 10 times. Last Of course you can also have a the best of the best DJ controller think. In the clubs is something rather rare but to practice this enough loose and if you’re safe with your Skillz, you can change of controller loosely to the CD player. For home use, so goes basically the controller. Those things are not so extremely expensive and can be easily connected to the laptop / PC.

le Skillz / Why carry DJs actually Headphones

In this chapter it comes to mixing boards. The entire art of deejaying I can not convey here, there are good Youtube videos. I can explain what actually happened because you but. When I speak of “sound”, I mean the speakers for the audience. In “Monitor” I mean the headphones work, as only the DJ listens. I always talk of “plates”, because I can not help it. I am vinyl DJ 🙂

You have to learn to make beatmatching. Beatmatching is the art of play 2 plates with the same tempo. So if one drive running at 140 BPM, the second plate must also run with 140 bpm. This works by letting the “sound” record run easily and on the monitor the speed so long by pitch controller adapts to both boards run absolutely synchronously. This is called beat matching. You can now theoretically both plates make “sound”. The transition is probably even but reasonably sound the trick with a good set is that the clocks are superimposed synchronously not only, but that the new track takes its place seamlessly. This process that the song with another song blends, called “phrasing”. This phrasing comes from classical music theory and means nothing more than that you of course not the ‘loud’ in the middle of a verse of the plate allowed to import the chorus of “Monitor”.


Today is beatmatching usually automatically by the DJ software. This automatic synchronization is called “sync” and what “sync” is concerned, there are also plenty of DJs religious wars. Some say that one should not do and the others are of the opinion that the quiet can. Still others hold “Sync Presser” not for DJs and say that all do not hang up the vinyl, no DJs. My Opinion on Syncbutton is the following: One can cover a distance on foot. But you can also use the bicycle. If you have a bicycle, you of course allowed to use this tool. but Ride a bike, if you have never learned to walk. I hope it is understandable what I mean. The Syncbutton is not evil, but it helps to know what he actually does. A good DJ can also sync to work, because what is important is actually, I wrote earlier and now go here again on one.

From audience and the Flow

A DJ is an artist is an entertainer is a service provider. Let us as budding DJs nothing before: play music is once not insane artistic action. Every stupid Spotify playlist can and you can also sit down and ask the music program for the evening together in the MP3 player of his choice. But the fact is that that is not a good party. The reason is this: The people need someone who can “absorb” their feelings and because of formulated an appropriate choice of music. If you are a “stunner hit” have in your playlist and party people on it you have a problem when right after that death metal is played.Since the dance floor might be empty. (Except you put in Wacken on, or so;)). The DJ must respond to the wishes of the audience before the audience expresses music requests verbally. He must be able to steer and can simultaneously record what the audience wants. This is the deejaying moreover produces the heaviest of all the techniques. You can become a very good Scratcher, Beat Matcher be syncer etc., if the set is boring you all this art is useless.

Louder is not better

DJs are funny people. You want to be louder and louder. The only problem is that louder is not necessarily better. Once you come to a digital signal in the red part of the volume display, you have a problem. It cracks. Quite nasty it cracks even. At the transitions you have incidentally make it in the EQ out turn down the bass.